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Seeking support can be intimidating and anxiety provoking. Reaching out to make that initial contact is  a life changing step.  In addition to the following information, I believe a foundation of trust and humility are important for a  client/counsellor relationship.  I believe in humour, honesty, and authenticity while sharing in your journey.  Your destination is your choice, my role is to walk beside you as long as it takes. 

I am a skilled, compassionate, empathetic and solution focused Registered Psychotherapist committed to providing excellent care and implementation of effective treatment plans for individuals experiencing difficulties in coping, addiction, mental health illnesses and ADHD.   I have substantial history of diverse and impactful work with children, adolescents and adults, through the use of one-on-one counselling, group counselling and traditional healing circles. I also pride myself in working collaboratively to ensure holistic care and treatment in a culturally safe environment which facilitates optimal outcomes with reference to clients self-determined goals. I have extensive experience in developing client rapport, trust building and interacting with clients at their level as well as a firm belief in meeting people where they are safe, either in an office or outdoors, participation in community gardens, traditional ceremonies and bridging counselling competencies with healing for best outcomes.


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Due to Covid -19 virtual services have become more widely available. Both video and telephone counselling are available.  All services are completed over a privacy secured network to ensure your information is safe. 

Information sessions focus on the impact on problematic substance use and addiction.  Sessions include information on the roots of addiction, stigma, impacts on family and community, and recovery.  Addiction is never an illness suffered by one individual, rather it is suffered by all who care for the person. 

Personal wellness and individual counselling is most helpful when it is based on a persons unique and individual needs.  It is not what I want for you, but what you want for yourself.  Counselling sessions are tailored to ones individual preferences and needs.  Combining traditional healing and western modalities, people often feel a more wholistic sense of wellness. Sessions are also tailored to each individual.  One should also be prepared for laughter and humour and possibly a few swear words. 

Please call to discuss current fees.  Many people have coverage through workplace insurance programs and group benefits. 
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Please call for an open discussion of

 your needs.  

PO Box 425, Wawa, Ontario

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